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Online Reputation Management

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is growing exponentially and we are one of the major contributors in this growing world. We help companies with below services with the promising results for any advertiser to achieve their marketing targets.

⁃ Cost Per Install Campaigns
⁃ Cost Per Registration Campaigns
⁃ Cost Per Lead Campaigns
⁃ Cost Per Sale Campaigns
⁃ Cost Per Click and Visit Campaigns
⁃ Cost Per Mile Campaigns for Branding
⁃ Hyper Local Targeting Campaigns – Majorly used for Retail Channels and to run geo specific campaigns
⁃ Appographic Campaigns
⁃ Telecom Data based campaigns
⁃ SMS Marketing

We offer wide range of above mentioned services which cater to below industries;

⁃ Entertainment (Majorly OTT segment)
⁃ Lifestyle
⁃ Banking and Finance
⁃ Insurance and Demat
⁃ Ecommerce and Shopping
⁃ Travel
⁃ Real Estate
⁃ Education

We have world wide inventory available to run the campaigns. Some of our key locations are mentioned below where we excel;

⁃ UK
⁃ Europe
⁃ Germany
⁃ Australia
⁃ Canada
⁃ GCC & Middle East
⁃ China
⁃ Russia

Also, apart from the above mentioned geographical locations we have tie ups with multiple SSP, DSP, Platform and Publishers so we can arrange the inventory for the any required location.

We have an experienced execution team which can manage campaigns on any platforms such as Appnext, Stratapp, Facebook, Twitter, DBM, Snapchat and most major ones.

Technical Support:- We also help the brand and agencies to set the campaigns on any of the tracking platforms such as Branch, AppsFlyer, Adjust and most major 3rd party platforms.

Let’s join hands together and achieve the success today with respect to mobile marketing your brand.

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